Scotty's Creams

Web Design / Graphic Design / Brand Development
Project Overview
Scotty's Creams is a small business, based on Carson City, Nevada, that sells creams and lotions for pain management and skin care, and most recently disinfectants based on Hypochlorous Acid.

Scotty's creams needed a new website, but they only had an old, small and blurry logo to work with.

You can visit Scotty's Creams website at
My Contributions
I started by establishing the colors of the brand, as they had been using green, white and black as well as red, white and black in the marketing materials. We choose Green and white with Blacks as contrast to symbolize purity and nature. I recreated their logo in Vector Graphics and designed a new website for them featuring the video of a lady throwing her hat to the wind with a sense of freedom. I choose this as a front image for "selling the freedom from pain" instead of selling the pain.

We worked with Scotty's Creams for years and I designed most of their marketing collateral during those days as well as their business cards, invoice template, letterhead, social media banners, etc.

Front of Business card
Back of Business Card

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