McClains Mobile DJ

Web Design / Graphic Design / Brand Development
Project Overview
McClains Mobile DJ wanted to increase their sales and become a leader in the Wedding DJ market. But they had a brand that was overpowered by a strong colorful fuchsia color that made them appeal more to the children birthday's market. They needed a new website and a brand refresh to point towards their desired goals.

You can visit this website at McClains Website
My Contributions
I started, once more, by establishing the colors of the brand. , The fuchsia color was strong and overpowering, but after all it was their characteristic color and the heat of their brand. Some people even used to call them "the pink DJs". So we had to find a happy medium and shuffle the prominence of their colors to keep the brand but make it more appealing to their desired market.

Here I'm showing a before and after of their logo.


For their Christmas Parties section, I draw them an ornament and put their brand on it.

The ornament I drew with vector graphics
Thumbnail used on their website
Vinyl Disk I drew with vector graphics and the technique used below.

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